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The founding fathers would approve of this remix

Taking Action

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The Problem

The Action

Just over a year ago, Lawrence Lessig gave a TED talk outlining exactly how money corrupts our politics. He then threw down the challenge for us to join him in this fight, and part of that challenge was to take his TED talk and remix it. (You know, like the kids do.)

Here’s one of our favorites, courtesy of Jordan Harrison. In less than four minutes, Harrison takes the most salient excerpts from Lessig’s presentation and remixes them with powerful results.

Rootstrikers TED Talk remix from Jordan Harrison on Vimeo.

Lessig's words--combined with Harrison's creativity--are exactly what we need every single American to hear. Share this video with your friends and family and we can move one step closer to fixing this broken system.

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David C. Bauer's avatar

David C. Bauer · 158 weeks ago

Well done.
1 reply · active 157 weeks ago
Harvey Dennenberg's avatar

Harvey Dennenberg · 157 weeks ago

I don't think I've heard this stated in words that simple, plain and easy to understand!
Corporations and Super Pacs Are Not People!
Well done.
Lynn Norris's avatar

Lynn Norris · 158 weeks ago

? I might like to share this but a cannot view it so I don't know what it is.
1 reply · active 158 weeks ago
Eddie Geller's avatar

Eddie Geller · 158 weeks ago

May I ask what issue is? Checked the video and it seems to be playing.
Rozanne Gates's avatar

Rozanne Gates · 158 weeks ago

Congress needs to make a Constitutional Amendment that will in essence strike down the Citizens United decision from the Supreme Court. We actually need publicly funded federal elections - meaning Senatorial, Congressional, and Presidential campaign funds would be funded and determined by a pool of money. Each candidate would receive a pre-determined amount of money and that would be that.
Michael Brandli's avatar

Michael Brandli · 158 weeks ago

Great job boiling it down to the brass tacks.
Rick Wicks's avatar

Rick Wicks · 157 weeks ago

Excellent. But the maps don't include Alaska or Hawaii! That's very insulting to those of us from those states! Rick Wicks, Göteborg, Sweden, and Anchorage, Alaska
Nice Job, I agree ending the big bucks in politics from a few is our Top Priority. I posted on FB.
I think most citizens would support this objective. But where is the legislation? How can we drum up support for a non-existent law?
1 reply · active 157 weeks ago
Check out our page for the Government by the People Act:!/project/government...

That's legislation that could fix much of what is broken with our elections and get our government more responsive to actual citizens.
Kay Anderson's avatar

Kay Anderson · 156 weeks ago

Rozanne Gates has it right - all elections must be publicly funded.
Couldn't be clearer. I also heard the extended TED talk on NPR, in which he mentioned that no matter what your favorite cause, this corruption is the root of the problem preventing solutions. And he said his favorite cause is climate change -- which is also mine. I applaud the Rootstrikers, and continue volunteering with Citizens Climate Lobby.
Outstanding job J. Harrison for making a short, succinct video that makes our current "system of corruption" crystal clear ! Great tool to educate others. If you are reading this and haven't forwarded this video to people you know you ain't part of the solution. Do it! Then do something else and so on...... It's going take all of us.
B L Francis's avatar

B L Francis · 153 weeks ago

The corruption of our democracy has changed the face of America; we have verified "the Ugly American" image. I'm in!!!

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