We need real time disclosure of campaign contributions



We need real time disclosure of campaign contributions

The Problem

Four years ago, the Supreme Court handed down the disastrous decision in Citizens United. It created an explosion in political spending that's never been seen before - contributing to more than $6 BILLION in the 2012 elections. And with their recent decision in McCutcheon v FEC, the Court compounded the crisis by striking down overall caps on contribution limits. 

This means a single donor can give more than $3.5 MILLION to candidates and committees. We must act now to strengthen disclosure so we know who is making those huge contributions before it's too late.

People have the right to know when government decisions are driven by Big Money. 

Please add your name to support real-time disclosure of political contributions. 

The Action

Currently, we have to wait MONTHS before contributions are made public. And often this information comes long after votes are cast, legislation is introduced, and elections are held. There is no excuse for delaying disclosure. Candidates and elected officials know who is giving them money once they receive it; voters deserve the same information.

Join us to demand near real-time disclosure of political contributions. Please add your name to the right.

PETITION TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: We, the people, respectfully ask that you support the Real Time Transparency Act to mandate near real-time disclosure. Disclosure is necessary to enable the electorate to make informed decisions. You know when you receive a big contribution; we deserve this same information. To better inform the public, all contributions totaling $1,000 or more to candidates, political committees and joint fundraising committees should be disclosed within 48 hours.

This campaign is in collaboration with Sunlight Foundation. Check them out:

sunlight foundation

3,742 Taking Action

1,258 Needed

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danielvardano's avatar

danielvardano · 76 weeks ago

nice post
Steve Eklund's avatar

Steve Eklund · 74 weeks ago

Why do the rich get more "FREE" speech than the rest of us?

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