Repeal the NFL's tax-exempt status

The Problem

You know the NFL as the National Football League. But the IRS knows them better as the Nonprofit Football League – that’s because the NFL has been tax-exempt since 1966 and average Americans are left paying higher taxes to make up for it

Sen. Coburn recently introduced the Pro Sports Act (S. 1524) to change that. But he has yet to gain much support from his colleagues. The NFL spent $3.6 million lobbying in recent years and contributed more than $1.6 million to members of Congress. It leads all professional sports leagues in political spending.

Lawrence Lessig was recently quoted in USA Today as saying the tax exemption underscores "the enormous and disproportionate influence that NFL owners and people related to that industry have on the political system." 

The Action

Lobbyists demonstrated their prowess by adding, “or professional football leagues” to the language regulating 501(c)(6) nonprofit organizations back in 1966, and it has remained there ever since.

No wonder Senator Coburn has yet to gain the support of his colleagues – we know how powerfully corrupting money in politics and the role of lobbyists has become. The only way Congress will act in the people’s interest is if the people begin demanding it and show them where we stand!

PETITION TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: Please end the ludicrous giveaways to the NFL and repeal their non-profit status now.  Support the PRO Sports Act.

This petition has been featured nationally in USA Today, Mother Jones, and Newsmax

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Should anyone want to read and know exactly what the bill says.
This site also tracks changes, co-sponsors amendments.
Mark Cullen's avatar

Mark Cullen · 73 weeks ago

So get this straight............the NFL is designated as a non-profit organization. That's right a non-profit organization! See how the large corporations DO NOT have to pay taxes due to loopholes. You OK with that? And those same corporations are the ones that are buying the Supreme Court so their money is what wins elections. See how crucial honest people in government is!

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