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New Hampshire: It's time to change the game

9,404 Taking Action

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The Problem

Are you a resident of New Hampshire? Go here

There is no greater challenge and no greater opportunity for fixing the problem of a system of corruption than the presidential election cycle. Every four years, the media swarms around candidates and puts a spotlight on this country's most pressing political problems — but time and again, the problem of corruption gets left in the shadows. This time, we can't let that happen.

The Action

It all starts in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Rebellion (NHR) is a movement of citizens who are committed to making sure every presidential hopeful answers one critical question: How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington? In part inspired by the 88-year old New Hampshire resident, Granny D, who fifteen years ago marched for campaign finance reform; in part a response to the opportunity presented by New Hampshire holding the first presidential primary: the NHR recognizes that New Hampshire is poised to be the tip of the spear in 2016 for the growing effort to end corruption in Washington.

On January 11, citizens including Rootstrikers' founder Lawrence Lessig will march from Dixville Notch (the place the New Hampshire primary begins) to Nashua. Along the way, we will recruit as many New Hampshirites as possible to the battle against the system of corruption, and you can help by adding your name to this petition:

CITIZENS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE: We, citizens of the United States, respectfully ask the people of New Hampshire to use your extraordinary power to maximal effect — by forcing every presidential candidate to answer one critical question: How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?  

The problem of a system of corruption has persisted for far too long. Together, we can finish what Granny D started, and make sure that anyone hoping to lead this country in 2016 is ready to lead it to reform. Please add your name to the right to support the rebellion. 


9,404 Taking Action

* Required Information

We do not share your email address without your permission. We will send you updates on this and other important campaigns by email. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from our email list, you may do so.

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George D. McAdoo's avatar

George D. McAdoo · 187 weeks ago

Give the government back to the people.
Ann Hardman's avatar

Ann Hardman · 187 weeks ago

Give the government back to us, not the wealthy and now not to the politicians.
A Government for the people, by the people. not a government for the 1%,by the 1%. all this while they distract us with sporting events, reality TV, and controlled media, and internet. 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Animal Farm are all coming true.
Time to unite and rid the Govt of Corruption for our Grand Kids> We are the laughing stock of Many Countries !!
gary johns's avatar

gary johns · 187 weeks ago

It's so much more than the puppet, er,sorry, the president, for all of Congress is in on and part of the corruption. Ask all politicians if they are going to abide by the Constitution; that would be a novel idea. Unfortunately, they all lie, realizing that most voters either don't have memories or are not disturbed by their deceit.
Good luck with this- it's a start, but Jefferson had it right -have a revolution every 20 years...time's up!
Gene Keller's avatar

Gene Keller · 187 weeks ago

It's time "We The People" take back our government.
Mary True's avatar

Mary True · 187 weeks ago

Give the government back to the citizens, not the wealthy, not the politicians and definitely not the corporations.
Fran Brizzi's avatar

Fran Brizzi · 187 weeks ago

The People are the Government. It's time the People got it back.
David Marr's avatar

David Marr · 187 weeks ago

Buying offices has sadly become American policy, the more dirty corporate money the higher the office.
Patrick Fitzgerald 's avatar

Patrick Fitzgerald · 187 weeks ago

Change the government, before giving it back!
We'll never get rid of corruption in government but we could greatly reduce it by severely limiting campaign contributions. Now far too many politicians are bought and paid for by the oligarchs who control the government. Your Vermont neighbor, Bernie Sanders, is one of the few who isn't.
Margi Gunn's avatar

Margi Gunn · 187 weeks ago

wicked good application of the state motto "Live free or die". Stay warm on the march!
Hitch Hiker's avatar

Hitch Hiker · 187 weeks ago

Give? Give the government back? Hell no, we are taking it back. Dr. Ben Carson for President.
Carmen Lavertu's avatar

Carmen Lavertu · 187 weeks ago

I am so glad that Granny D will be remembered in this way.
Carmen in Maine
Tony moritz's avatar

Tony moritz · 187 weeks ago

No lasting, socially significant change for the better can take root in our country until the political soil is amended in this fundamental way.
Roy van Schoor's avatar

Roy van Schoor · 187 weeks ago

I don't live in the US, but I'm with you in spirit!
Charles Lowe's avatar

Charles Lowe · 187 weeks ago

Please, Demand Progress, use the very resource you're founded upon: the internet. Not just nationally: GLOBALLY. Everyone on the Planet has a vested interest in what you're trying to do. But your protocols stop we internationalists contributing! This is just silly!!

If the U.S. proclaims its emnity to corruption, guess what? So will Australia. Some years later (we're sometimes a little slow to catch on Down Under) but thoroughly and seriously.

George and Ann, it would be more appropriate to say to the 99% that we need to "Take our government back!" If you expect the service-to-self psychopathic sociopaths in DC to give up any power you are mistaken.
Jan C. Porter's avatar

Jan C. Porter · 187 weeks ago

Just trying is not going to work, but keep trying anyway. Someone may actually light a spark that ignites more and more of our complacent society.
Miguel Camblor's avatar

Miguel Camblor · 187 weeks ago

The power to the 99%
Now I wish i was American just so I could help out.
Jeff Macklin's avatar

Jeff Macklin · 187 weeks ago

What should be viewed as illegal...
is too often made "legal" with BIG money contributions to our lawmakers.

Corruption is the problem!
Virginia Ruffolo's avatar

Virginia Ruffolo · 187 weeks ago

We need a new system where we vote on the issues that are important to us and stop voting for people. The top down system doesn't work. Not for corporations and certainly not for government.
Daryl Pullen's avatar

Daryl Pullen · 187 weeks ago

Take the government back from the corrupt criminals in congress.
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